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Wade’s custom homes is an excellent company. They told us our house would be built in 3 months and it was. They are very easy to work with and answered any questions that we might have. If we ever build another home we would definitely use them again. I strongly recommend Wade Custom Homes.

Ashley K. 

The best part of working with Rodney was his laid-back attitude. One always hears stories of how stressful building a house is; however, working with Rodney made the experience an enjoyable one. My wife and I would highly recommend Wade Custom Homes

Carlos P. 

Let me start by saying that Rodney Wade is an honest, friendly person who did an excellent job on my home. He is a knowledgeable contractor and is easy to deal with. He will answer his phone, return calls and texts and will respond to emails. (I will qualify this by saying that I did my best not to contact him on the weekends or holidays.)

My new home is a beautiful 1600sf 3BR/2Bath wood frame with garage, and took about 4 months from start to finish. I think that is impressive considering that most of the build was with a generator. My property is landlocked and I was unable to get power until about 3 weeks before they finished.


Gail C. 

Rodney and Carl did an amazing job of communicating with us throughout the entire building process. It was fast but done well. Never felt like decisions were made without being discussed. Respectable and honest.

Lindsey M.

In February of 2012 we hired Wade Custom Homes to build our “Little Cabin in the Woods”. As the daughter of a builder, I knew full and well the process of building a home can be very stressful for a family. Jeff and I were so pleasantly surprised by our experience with Wade Custom Homes that we often thought we must be dreaming. When you hire Wade Custom Homes you hire Rodney Wade. He oversees every single aspect of the job. We live 3 hours from the job site and in between visits to the property Rodney proactively updated us every step of the way. From the planning process, to the selection of options, to the flexibility of changes, Rodney puts the Client first. Were there “hiccups” in the build process? Of course there were little things! But we knew about the issues before we visited the site, Rodney already had a solution and in most cases resolved the issue. The quality of our home is unsurpassed. Rodney uses quality building material, quality sub-contractors, and has standards set high above the norm. While we are beyond pleased with our new home, I think the best testimony I can give is this: When my father (a second generation builder of over 40 years) visited our home for the first time he said, “You guys did great, Rodney did better than I would have ever hoped for you.” We cannot recommend Rodney enough. 

He is the BEST!


Our Experience with Wade Custom Homes is how custom home building should be. Every step of the way we were informed and, if we desired, involved. Mr. Wade’s patience and eagerness to please made the project speed along and gave us the exact end product we wanted! We’ve recommended Wade Custom Homes to everyone, and will continue to do so. If you want a contractor that will EXCEED your expectations, Wade Custom Homes is your answer.

Dena M.